ITO Corporation has continued to provide customers with new technology and ideas, working together with our customers and growing together with them. Here, we will introduce some of the strengths that we have developed as we have grown.

  • Results

    Over 60 Years of History

    ITO Corporation has continued to provide solutions for customers and connect manufacturers and customers with products and information. Using this history as a base, we have cultivated a relationship of mutual trust between the two. Our history and these relationships are our pride and our strength.

  • Overseas Expansion

    Globalization in Asia

    Aside from our 7 locations in Japan, we have footholds and local corporations in both Shanghai (China) and Bangkok (Thailand), enabling us to provide support to customers expanding their business into Asian markets. In addition to our access to low-cost suppliers, we are able to provide our customers with optimal solutions by sharing information between each of our offices.

  • Expertise

    Comprehensive Backup Provided
    by Specialist Staff

    In order to provide support for more technical issues, we have established a specialist department. We have specialist staff ready to answer all manner of questions about the technical aspects of new products, robots, power generation systems, sensors, and control circuit boards. These staff members make full use of technical data and product appeal in order to provide our customers with the right solutions to whatever issues they may face.

  • Technical Strength

    Support via System Integration

    In order to go beyond the framework of simply selling moving components, and to offer solutions that provide additional value to customers, we have honed our abilities as a Systems Integrator. We offer comprehensive support from the design, planning, and hardware/software development of robot & systems to their maintenance and repair.

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