ITO Corporation established locally-incorporated subsidiary companies in Shanghai(2006) and Shenzhen(2017), China and Bangkok, Thailand (2014). As Asia becomes a center for globalization, we are creating close ties within China and the production centers in each Asian locale, so that we can satisfy the needs of customers who are looking for international manufacturing options. We provide robust support for any customers looking to source products from abroad or who are expanding into Asian markets.

  • Shanghai, China
    Shanghai, China
    ITO (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Optimization of Cost & Quality

In order to dispel the concerns of companies planning to expand internationally, we help optimize the balance of cost vs. quality by introducing the track records of local companies, inspecting manufacturing equipment, and producing sample products for our customers.

Global Network

We diligently monitor the production status of the local factories, and we provide goods with reliable information regarding delivery time frames. We share the latest information between all of our branches and we provide prompt support for any market changes in each foreign country.

Communication Support via Local Staff

Language can be a barrier in sourcing products from abroad, but our local staff can accurately explain customer requests in Japanese, Chinese, English, Thai, and Korean.

Local Representative for our Customers

We can act as a local representative for customers looking for support in China and Southeast Asia, from production management & consignment production, to the procurement of components & devices.
We also can assist with business matching and introductions in Southeast Asia.

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