Greetings from Director Iwaki

Following to overseas speed and progress

As a managing director of ITO Shanghai Co., Ltd. that is the Chinese subsidiary of ITO Corporation, I have engaged in Chinese business. I have experienced in working abroad for more than twenty years including Southeast Asia and China and transferred during the most active period for investment of foreign capital in both cases. Therefore, I have actually felt the speed of progress in each area and kept being blown away by the speed. After more than ten years since ITO Corporation expanded our business to overseas, we established a system in both China and Thailand to supply products and services with which customers in each area could be satisfied. However, I feel that the business only by "selling products or services required by customers" has not been able to completely follow the speed of the area, market, and customer progress.

Innovation from overseas

Greetings from Director Iwaki

We established ITO Shanghai Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in June, 2017. Shenzhen, where many starting up companies are concentrated and called as Silicon Valley in China, has its great strength mainly with electric parts in know-how of Monozukuri (manufacturing), parts supply capacity and the speed in commercializing a product. We believe that it will be a significant step for the development of ITO Corporation to expand the business to this area where many global venture companies have been created. In addition to expanding the market, we highly expect to make an innovation that creates new business for ITO Corporation by maximally utilizing this area which is called as a huge test site of advanced technology.

Corporate culture fostering global perspective

We aim at fostering our corporate culture, in which we can understand values brought by diversity while people respect each other. We have many employees other than Japanese nationality and we conduct through overseas training for young employees or communication and collaboration with overseas bases. For employees who wish to learn not only English but also other foreign language, we prepare a system to support them as a company so we have sufficient opportunities and systems that foster global perspective as corporate culture.

Responsible for solving problems of customers by global network

Greetings from Director Iwaki

Regardless of domestic or overseas market, customer needs have been remarkably changed. Therefore, newer value as well as better experience are required. Accordingly, those cannot be concluded in the country or area therefore it has been natural that we are required to respond globally. We cannot respond or exceed customers' expectations even if we only say, "we have no idea about overseas matters" or "Japan is different." We aim at taking a responsibility to solve problems of customers with global perspective by proposing solutions for products or issues to respond to the most optimum cost or required quality. In addition to that, we would like to help to establish overseas trades or business flows instead of customers who do not have an overseas base by utilizing global network in Japan and Asia. Also, this global network will be further expanded. We will structure a system by which we can provide better CX (Customer Experience) to customers by creating new value with global perspective smoothly.