Director Ayumi Furui

A switch from systems engineering to operations management

Currently, I am a supplier relationship manager at a foreign technology firm, primarily responsible for the creation of operational strategies. I have always had a strong interest in the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, and after working as a systems engineer at a foreign financial institution, I made the switch to the technology industry.

My first encounter with ITO Corporation came while I was attending a business school in New York. I heard about ITO Corporation from the Executive Vice President, Mr. Ito, who was my only Japanese classmate at the time. I remember being extremely excited upon hearing about this company with a long history transforming itself. Due in part to this relationship, I was contacted by Mr. Ito again some time later, and I became a non-executive director in 2013.

Continually and generously investing in talent

My role within ITO Corporation is to offer support in ensuring the healthy operations of the company from a neutral standpoint as a non-executive director. The most important aspect of a company is its workforce. It is for this reason that we at ITO Corporation place importance on personnel training focused on the development of our employees' potential. ITO Corporation strives to create an environment of generous human resource development, including an education system, overseas business trips, and training courses. I believe that our efforts can be held in high regard.

The blossoming potential of each individual employee leads to the evolution of our company

In order for ITO Corporation to grow, it is necessary to evolve the company while adapting to an ever-changing environment. To achieve this, we create a corporate culture whereby individuals can develop their potential, and where ideas and opinions can be freely exchanged, regardless of age, experience, and gender. By allowing each employee to grow and providing them a position where they can succeed, ITO Corporation's own innovations are born from our employees' ideas. I believe that this cycle will be the driving force for the company's evolution.