Report Vol. 2 of Visiting ITO (THAILAND) LTD.

ITO (THAILAND) LTD. (ITO Thailand) was established in November 2017 in Thailand, a hub country in Asia, to expand our business in Asia. Three years after starting business in this new place, they decided to exhibit products at the expo to further spread their service proposals among customers and to hear customers about their needs and problems through direct communication.

The following is the report of a product exhibited at the expo.

For a Better Welding Work Site ~Welding Booth with a Dust Collector~

Welding fumes resembling smoke

The highlight of their exhibition at the expo was the "Welding booth with a dust collector." It was a project cooperating with Mechatro Associates (Thailand) Co., Ltd (Japan headquarters: Komatsu City, Ishikawa), which is a system integrator.

Since welding requires accurate and delicate work, it is done manually by humans at many work sites. Continuously inhaling "welding fumes"*1 produced during welding, however, may cause lung disease and increase the risk of asthma and cancer in welding workers as well as other workers around.

*1 What are welding fumes? :Welding fumes are fine solid particles produced as a result of cooling the matter evaporated by heat of welding or cutting. They look like smoke. Reference: The Health and Safety Executive " Fixed extraction: Welding booth or downdraught bench" (

Exhibition booth of ITO Thailand

"Welding booth with a dust collector," proposed by ITO Thailand, is equipped with a booth separating the welding work area and the operator and with a device extracting produced welding fumes, enabling to prevent health hazards to workers around.

They proposed at this expo not only the device itself but also the importance of sharing the knowledge on health hazards accompanying welding work and promoting the improvement of work sites and work environments for workers. For customers who already have welding robots and peripheral devices, it is possible to purchase booths with a dust collector only.

ITO Thailand Will Continue to Challenge

ITO Thailand is willing to continue to propose various solutions to solve customers' problems and to realize their "We want this."

ITO Thailand also welcomes support requests from customers expanding business in Asia.


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