What it is to Work at ITO

Passion + Positive = ∞(Infinity)

How Is This Slogan Interpreted By Everyone?

 The word passitive was coined by our company, and I daydream nearly every day about making it catch on outside of the office and our recruitment settings. I imagine a world where years later, when you say the word passitive, everybody knows exactly what you mean without needing any footnotes.
Passitivity is an essential component of our company, and taking that a step further, I believe it is essential to everyone who works.

▲ITO Corporation Human Resources Dept. Manager

The majority of people viewing this message are presumably considering changing careers or figuring out what companies to visit when looking for their first full-time job, and I assume that you are looking into all sorts of companies. With respect to questions of work, earning money, and career choices, there is no doubt you are asking yourself what you want to be, what you want to do, and what kind of environments you can leverage your strengths in.

Assuming you get into your first choice company and the career you wanted, there will still undoubtedly be all kinds of challenges large and small awaiting you: things you have never done before, things that nobody else has tried, different ideas and ways of doing things... the list goes on. It is precisely because of these challenges that you will be tested. The variety of that sink in gradually after overcoming these challenges will make you even more positive and aware of the importance of working with passion. The potential for unlimited growth lies therein.

Right now, ITO Corporation is in the very midst of a revolution where we continue to undertake things that have never been done before. There are often many things that do not work out or go as planned (haha). That is exactly why we honestly feel that every single employee approaching their work with passion and positivity, with a passitive mind, is more important than anything else right now.

Ideas Drive People

"Ideas drive people" is a catch phrase I heard somewhere, but I really believe it to be true. Passitive thoughts spread and drive those around them. We overcome our challenges here and now with this passitivity precisely because we are a company taking on new challenges. ITO Corporation takes pride in its 60+ year history and accomplishments, but we never rest on our laurels and keep on undertaking new challenges. I love this company.

So, for all of you working people: BE PASSITIVE today too!