A revolving showcase actuator that is the face of a store - compact, quiet, and adjustable for seasonal displays

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The Current Status

ITO-YA, which has its headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo, was undergoing a total renovation of its headquarter building. They decided to implement a stunning, revolving window display for the face of the store, which overlooks the glamorous streets of Ginza. However, the drive system for a revolving show window is extremely difficult to design, so ITO-YA was looking for a partner company that had past construction experience. We developed a system proposal for this project together with Kurogane Engineering, a company that designs and constructs large-scale systems for movable car parks.

Key Points

1. Installing a large, revolving window display in the entrance of the headquarters building.

2. The design was difficult, as there was no previous knowledge regarding the construction of large-scale door actuators.

Our Proposal

A revolving window display with an actuator

◆ A Bevel Buddybox speed reducer from Sumitomo Heavy Industries was used for the actuator, and the wind pressure, seismic force, and revolving torque acting upon the show window were calculated to make its operation as quiet as possible.

◆ A compact design to suit the landscape

We proposed a compact design to match the building's appearance and to ensure that the system didn’t give off a mechanical feel. The speed reducer was installed into the ceiling, and we took care to make sure that it was not visible.

◆ For safety reasons, we implemented inverter control as well as controls to temporarily stop the revolving showcase before it closes.

Solution Benefits

The entrance to the company is an important symbol that catches the eyes of both customers and passerby pedestrians. Kurogane Engineering, who has experience constructing large-scale doors, collaborated with us to oversee the machine design and strength calculations.

The completed showcase has truly become the “face” of the store.

Key Points

1. A quiet, compact design that is not detrimental to the entrance’s facade

2. The creation of a product display space to become the bold, distinguished face of the store

Customer Comments

Because it revolves, the installed window display has the dual functions of being both the face of the store as well as its entrance door. While revolving (it is stationary at 90 degrees), its large opening makes it possible to flow into the store from Ginza Street.

In 2016, the entire building received the Good Design Award, and we are very pleased that visitors to the building take videos of the revolving display when it is in operation.

We are thrilled with the successful fulfillment of this unique request of ours to create something that hasn’t existed before.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

By collaborating with engineering companies such as Kurogane Engineering, we at ITO Corporation also make proposals for mechanical drive units to be used inside buildings, using a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical equipment. We also look forward to your inquiries regarding the installation of large-scale equipment that requires mechanical product knowledge.

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