Make Circuit Design More Effective!
Cut Development Cycle by Using Design Simulation Software

Machinery Manufacturing

The Current Status

Company N, a construction machinery manufacturer, used CAD in their circuit design process, but it required a lot of time and labor, so the company was considering the introduction of a new software. The following requirements were listed by the company upon the introduction of a new software.

1) The time required for circuit design and the whole development cycle need to be shortened.

2) Design condition settings (size setting and hydraulic component options setting, etc.) need to be easy, simulation needs to be possible, and connections between hydraulic circuits, electrical circuits, and external devices also need to be possible.

3) Problems need to be detected on the software before making a prototype.

Key Points

1. Circuit design time and development cycle need to be shortened.

2. Simulations after designing and connections between hydraulic, electrical circuits and external devices need to be possible.

Our Proposal

Design and development process can be improved with Automation Studio™Professional Edition(circuit design and simulation software)!

◆Hydraulic and electrical design can easily be done!

◆Circuit simulation is possible.
*It is possible to check if there is any design error.

*Parameter adjustment is possible.
E.g. Valve position, pressure/flow valve setting, orifice size, etc.

*A whole set of virtual measurement devices (oscilloscope, multimeter, hydraulic tester, pressure gauge, thermometer, etc.) is provided!

*Connections between hydraulic circuits, electrical circuits and external devices are possible.

◆ It is possible to conduct simulations using animated machines (virtual machines) to visualize them in 3D.

◆Troubleshooting functions.
*If a circuit doesn't work after it was designed on the software, it is possible to identify the problem.

*It is possible to trigger component failures in order to simulate real-life system failures.

Solution Benefits

Circuit modifications and design iterations can be made and validated through simulation to achieve a better output before making a prototype. It is therefore possible to significantly reduce time and cost for design and development.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

We also propose and sell hydraulic and electrical machinery products that can be found virtually in Automation Studio™Professional Edition.

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