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The Current Status

Packaging material manufacturer Nitto Bento had the following challenges.

• No analysis of productivity or performance
• Production amount could not be monitored just in time
• Manual scrap counting “only” once a month
• Manual change of machine speed could not be detected
• Poorly planned maintenance
• Energy analysis could be done roughly
• Lower accuracy for mid-term planning
• Too much paperwork on the shop floor

Our Proposal

ProManage Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

• Reliable data / accurate analysis
• OEE follow-up
• Just In Time production monitoring
• Maintenance Management Module
• Energy Management Module
• Product based analysis
• Elimination of forms / Excel file

Solution Benefits

• Productivity, breakdown, performance and availability analysis
• 518 Kaizen projects are completed in 2 years
• OEE has been increased from 44% to 61%
•Weekly scrap & loss analysis
• Just in time production follow-up
• Awareness of target machines speed is under follow-up
• 100% effective planned maintenance
• Product based energy analysis
• Much easier approval of investment proposals
• Paperwork on the shop floor has been cut

Nitto Bento(OEE).png

Customer Comments

“The system has been more beneficial than our expectations and employees easily acknowledged the system by user-friendly interface and lean solutions.Engineers generated many productivity projects as the outcome. The system has created 20% productivity increase in the organization less than 1 year term thanks to effective follow-up of OEE. Top management has acknowledged the system by many reporting tools and statistical data pool. ProManage is continuously responding to our improvement ideas and projects. We are confident about the partnership of ProManage on our path through the Industry 4.0 transformation.”

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