Does the condition of the transmission and reduction gears in your factory concern you?

At ITO Corporation, we perform checkup and diagnostic services to ensure that transmission and reduction gears can be safely used long-term.

Transmission and reduction gears are used in various locations, such as belt conveyors & distribution sorters, water treatment plants, and parking towers. For products that have been used long-term, repair parts have sometimes been discontinued. As a trading company specializing in industrial machinery, we here at ITO Corporation recommend regular checkups by professional service technicians to ensure the safe use of transmission and reduction gears. If you are looking to prevent accidental trouble before it happens, please feel free to contact us anytime.

The flow for our transmission & reduction gear checkups and diagnostic services

  • Inquiry

    STEP 1

    A representative will schedule an inspection based upon the details of your inquiry.

  • Checkup

    STEP 2

    A service technician will visit to perform the checkup and diagnosis.

  • Reporting

    STEP 3

    The service technician and factory engineer will create a report detailing the results of the checkup.

  • Explanation

    STEP 4

    We report to you the results. Depending on the outcome, a factory engineer may also visit for a detailed explanation.

Depending on your operating situation, we also provide hydraulics checkups to ensure their suitability for long-term use.

In addition to transmission and reduction gears, trouble found in hydraulic equipment can be prevented through regular checkups once or twice a year. It is also possible to extend the lifespan and cost of operation of your equipment through optimal lubrication (we can recommend synthetic oils and optimal viscosities, etc.) as well as by creating countermeasures against dust. Lastly we provide solutions for energy conservation as well as optimizing the performance of your equipment, so please do not hesitate to contact us for additional details.

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