Published: 2018-12-19

(Montreal, Quebec) - Famic Technologies Inc., renowned system design and simulation software provider, continues its development of the Japanese market by partnering with ITO Corporation, trading company specialized in industrial machinery, for the distribution of Automation Studio™.

ITO Corporation joined the Famic family by becoming the privileged distributor of Automation Studio™ for the mobile and industrial hydraulics industries across Japan. With over 60 years of local presence, 7 domestic offices and in-depth knowledge of hydraulics, ITO Corporation will help significantly to grow and support the Japanese Automation Studio™ community.

"ITO has built an excellent reputation in their market and currently works with many OEMs and manufacturers in Japan, some of which are key international clients of Automation Studio™ with local offices. They understand very well the current challenges of the mobile and industrial hydraulics markets and will be able to maintain high quality services towards our customers. With ITO's appointed Automation Studio™ team formed by experienced engineers, we are confident that they will meet the demand and support the growing hydraulic community of users in Japan." said Charbel Nasr, President of Famic Technologies.

Hiroshi Ito, Executive Vice President of ITO Corporation adds "Our company's goal is to improve the world via moving equipment. We need to stay innovative by offering new solutions that help create greater contributions for our clients. Automation Studio™ will provide great opportunities for our customers that can benefit from the wide selection of manufacturers' products available and use the software to accelerate the design, validation and documentation of their hydraulic systems. Being a supplier of Eaton products in Asia, and with the availability of all hydraulics Eaton catalogues in Automation Studio™, we will have an additional edge to corner the market."


Famic Technologies

Since 1986, Famic Technologies offers a complete range of high-end products and services in the fields of software engineering and industrial automation. Based in Montreal, Canada, with branches in Germany and India, it develops trade-oriented software solutions including: Automation Studio™ for machine design and simulation, Automation Studio™ Live Manifold for hydraulic manifold design, quoting and prototyping, and Andon Studio™, for process management optimization.

ITO Corporation

ITO Corporation is a trading company specializing in industrial machinery. We fuel the evolution of things that move. ITO Corporation creates value for clients through new combinations, and we aim to make contributions to society through the products and services that are born from our work. Simply put, our business field encompasses "things that move." We work with a wide variety of moving components--from items far from everyday life to those more familiar like motors, speed reducers, and