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Products Used in Our Example Proposals

Replacing pneumatic devices realizes a cost reduction of 34%
A proposal of high-quality and low-cost overseas products

Machine manufacturer A was in severe competition with low-cost overseas manufacturers, such as those in Taiwan and Korea. It was u...

Automating Labor and Time Intensive Transport Work
Palletizing Robots Customizable to Meet Client Specifications

Food manufacturer Company D was considering its packaged product transport and stacking processes, which were extremely labor and ...

Storing & Reusing Regenerative Energy from Elevator Equipment
Energy Conservation Grand Prize-Winning Vertical Conveyor System

Company H sells conveyor systems such as conveyor belts, and was working on a project to develop new products that use the operati...

Controlling Remote Antennas with Optical Communications
Antenna Control System using MECHATROLINK-III (M-III)

Company A, which manufactures television, radio, and other broadcasting equipment, had plans to update an antenna control mechanis...

A Major Project Using Hydraulic Cylinders Incapable of Being Produced in Japan

The equipment used at the Okozu Sluice-Gate Dam, a dam situated on the lower reaches of the Shinano River which had been in operat...

Diagnostic Service

Are you worried about the transmission & reduction gears used in your factory? We conduct inspections, diagnostic services, and make recommnedations to ensure their long-term usability.

From Inquiry to Operation

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end support that ranges from the initial provisioning of equipment to the planning, set-up, operation, and after-care service needed to ensure your success.

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