Controlling Remote Antennas with Optical Communications
Antenna Control System using MECHATROLINK-III (M-III)

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The Current Status

Company A, which manufactures television, radio, and other broadcasting equipment, had plans to update an antenna control mechanism. However, the distance between the control panel and the antenna made the antenna difficult to control, so it was searching for a control system capable of high-speed transmission even over long distances. The DC amplifiers used in the existing system had also been discontinued, so it urgently needed to switch to a system using AC amps. Our proposal addressed both of these issues.

Key Points

  1. The antenna was far away from the control panel, and high-speed communications between the two were difficult

  2. The company wanted to build a system using AC amplifiers instead of DC ones

Our Proposal

Optical communications system using optical media converters and MECHATROLINK-III (M-III) cables

(M-III compatible PLCs, servo amps, and servo motors/optical communications and M-III compatible optic media converters)

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Use M-III cables for high-speed communications between the control panel and antenna
Ethernet media M-III cables would be used to increase antenna controllability and monitoring performance.

Use M-III cable-compatible optic media converters
The communications system would use M-III cable-compatible media converters for high-speed optical communications over a distance of 2 km or less.

UseΣ- print motors for reduced weight
This would make it possible to reduce the total weight of the motor decelerators and amplifiers to less than 1/3 of their previous weight.

Solution Benefits

The high-speed communications problems were solved by using Ethernet media M-III cables. Yaskawa Electric control devices were used in the new system, making it possible to control the system using AC power. By using the latest AC equipment, the new system offered greater encoder resolution than the pre-redesign DC system, as well as greater equipment performance.

Key Points

  1. M-III cables were combined with optic media converters for optical communications over long distances (up to 2 km)
  2. This new communications approach accelerated communications between the antenna and control panel
  3. The new control system provided support for AC power while offering greater versatility and expandability

Customer Comments

We made great progress by finally shifting over to an IP base, an issue we had been meaning to tackle for many years.

We would like to further deploy IP-based technologies, so we look forward to ITO Corporation’s future proposals.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

In this proposal, ITO Corporation worked closely with Yaskawa Electric to create an entire, comprehensive system. At the same time, in order to leverage the strengths of the products used in the system, we collaborated with registered Mechatrolink Members Association companies to provide a proposal that precisely met the customer’s needs.

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