A Major Project Using Hydraulic Cylinders Incapable of Being Produced in Japan

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The Current Status

The equipment used at the Okozu Sluice-Gate Dam, a dam situated on the lower reaches of the Shinano River which had been in operation from before WWII, was to be overhauled. IHI Corporation, which had been contracted to manufacture gates for the sluicegate dam, aimed to create a dam that would be even better than the historical one it replaced. A radial gate design was selected for the new sluicegate dam in order to preserve the area's scenery, but the hydraulic cylinders that were to be used to open and close the gates were so large that it would be impossible to manufacture them in Japan.

Key Points

  1. The massive hydraulic cylinders used to open and close the large sluicegate dam, measuring approximately one meter in diameter and approximately 10 meters long, were too large to manufacture in Japan.
  2. The company wished to build a sluicegate dam that surpassed its predecessor.

Our Proposal

Okozu Sluice-Gate Dam using hydraulic cylinders manufactured in the Netherlands

▲ Performance testing
(courtesy of the MLIT Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau Shinano River Office)

Use hydraulic cylinders manufactured in a plant in the Netherlands
Europe, much of which is at a low elevation above sea level, has sluice gate manufacturing technologies that exceed those of Japan. We proposed a partnership with Eaton, which has a factory in the Netherlands, using its overseas network to manufacture a total of 20 hydraulic cylinders for the dam’s six gates, including hydraulic cylinders measuring approximately one meter in diameter and approximately 10 meters long.

Applying ceramic coating to rod surfaces
In Niigata Prefecture, where the Okozu Sluice-Gate Dam is located, sea breezes and other factors create a corrosive environment, so we proposed applying a ceramic coating to the hydraulic cylinders’ rods.

Solution Benefits

▲ Installed hydraulic cylinder
(courtesy of the MLIT Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau Shinano River Office)

Because the equipment would be used for a long time to come, a great deal of emphasis was placed on follow-up support, such as maintenance and inspection, following the construction of the sluicegate dam. It would be difficult for a European manufacturer based overseas to offer operational support, but we overcame this support problem by supplying the hydraulic cylinders via Eaton, a domestic manufacturer, and ITO Corporation.

Key Points

  1. Hydraulic cylinders manufactured in the Netherlands were supplied via a Japanese manufacturer (Eaton)
  2. Support was offered by Eaton, which has factories both in the Netherlands and Japan, enabling it to provide long-term operational support

Customer Comments

ITO Corporation’s decision to select Eaton from the leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Europe was a comprehensive one, based on its quality, follow-up service, and its passion for the project.
Many problems arose during the process leading up to the creation of the final products, but the Japanese and Dutch sides worked together to overcome them. In November 2011 the exceptional equipment was completed. The equipment has just recently been put into use, and we look forward to calling on ITO Corporation again for follow-up service and support. (Manager from IHI Infrastructure Systems)

▲ October 2011, before project completion (taken from the river’s right bank)
(courtesy of IHI Infrastructure Systems)

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