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The Current Status

Food manufacturer Company D was considering its packaged product transport and stacking processes, which were extremely labor and time intensive. While dedicated palletizing (transport and stacking) machinery could solve this problem, dedicated machinery cannot handle various types of cargo and stacking methods, and it requires a large amount of space. Because of this, dedicated machinery was not a feasible option for Company D, and it was searching for other methods to automate palletizing.

Key Points

  1. The company wanted to automate stacking (palletizing) work, which is time and labor intensive

  2. Using dedicated machinery was not feasible due to its lack of versatility and the amount of space it requires

Our Proposal

▲ Yaskawa Electric “Palletizing”

Simple operation using a palletizing application
We proposed the use of a simple palletizing application that could be easily operated to handle a wide range of palletizing work. Loading process settings could be quickly configured, and the application would provide support for everything from startup to operation.

Different combinations of robots and hands could handle various product specifications
Robots capable of handling the operation ranges, transport speeds, and product weights involved in transport would be combined with different hands suited to different product shapes and provided to the customer as palletizing robots that meet different customer needs.

Solution Benefits

We provided support for the entire palletizing robot implementation process, from consultation to problem-free operation. This included identifying the optimal locations for the installation of robots and providing usage guidance, starting with the installation of the operation application. The robots solved the company’s personnel shortages and reduced the amount of heavy labor, improving the work environment and increasing its operation rates.

Key Points

  1. Issues were identified and the optimal robots for solving these problems were introduced
  2. Robots handled heavy labor, increasing plant operation rates

Customer Comments

ITO Corporation performed a careful preliminary survey of our manufacturing site, and produced a proposal with a highly compact layout. Before installing the system, they used simulation software to show us what it would be like after installation, so we felt comfortable leaving the installation work to them.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

Even when conventional automation equipment installation is unfeasible due to space or cost limitations, we carefully investigate the problems customers face and issue proposals for installable equipment. Please consult with us if you are considering deploying automation.

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