Preventing Spiraling Energy Costs by Using Battery Power to Handle Excess Power Usage:
Eco-Friendly Peak Shaving System

Machinery Manufacturing
Energy Conservation

The Current Status

Many factories have struggled with the rising cost of basic electricity charges. Company H, a bearing manufacturer with advanced technical capabilities found its electrical usage exceeding the company’s contracted power. The issue developed into such a problem that the company had to engage in discussions with its regional power provider regarding how to handle the situation. They were, ultimately unable to discover a solution to the problem on their own, so they consulted with us regarding power usage measures.

Key Points

  1. They were exceeding their contracted power, resulting in rising power usage charges
  2. These additional power usage charges were so high that they necessitated countermeasure discussions with their regional power provider

Our Proposal

A storage battery-based peak shaving system

  • Storage batteries would discharge power during peak power usage times, partially supplementing excess usage
    Storage batteries would discharge power during peak usage hours each day.
    This would cover excess usage and make it possible to keep actual power usage within the contracted power amount.

    System usage would save several million yen per year in power costs
    The system would make it possible to keep power usage below a certain level, preventing the company from exceeding the contracted power and saving electricity.

    The system would make it possible to take advantage of systems such as the Green Investment Tax Break and special depreciation for installed equipment

    Autonomous operation would make it possible to supply disaster power for specified loads

    IoT-enabled (remote monitoring system)

Solution Benefits

▲ Simulation of power savings benefits

Introducing the battery system enabled the company to cut its peak power usage from 1,291 kW to 1,200 kW. This reduced the annual electricity base cost from 24 million yen to 22 million yen, for an annual savings of two million yen. Construction and equipment installation was conducted after prior consultation with the regional power provider and the fire department, while space for storage battery installation was being secured.

Key Points

  1. The maximum power usage was reduced from 1,291 kW to 1,200 kW

  2. The company saved 2 million yen per year in electricity

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

This peak shaving battery system can produce equivalent power savings not only in factories, but also in other facilities that have temporary power usage spikes, such as multi-use facilities with a large number of air conditioners. We can also build systems that store generated power in batteries, effectively using renewable energy such as solar power.

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