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The Current Status

Company H sells conveyor systems such as conveyor belts, and was working on a project to develop new products that use the operating energy of elevator equipment. They were developing a system that not only used regenerative energy generated during operation, but also stored it and supplied power during peak power usage times. They were having difficulty achieving their goals, and they sought a partner to engage in joint new product development.

Key Points

  1. The company wanted to develop a new product that used elevator operation energy

  2. They wanted to develop a new product, but couldn’t find a partner

Our Proposal

Regenerative energy application for vertical conveyor systems

Store and reuse regenerative energy from elevator equipment
Instead of just reusing regenerative energy generated by elevator equipment, we proposed a system which would also store it, then supply it during peak power usage times.

Average-out electrical usage and cut peak usage
Using stored energy would make it possible to cut excess power usage, producing base-electricity cost savings. Primary power sources would no longer need excess capacity, making it possible to reduce contracted power.

Solution Benefits

▲ 2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize trophy

Company H continued with its internal project aimed at product development. During their development work, they contacted us (whom they had done business with in the past) to request our development, progress, and management support. We assisted with the coordination of the four companies on the development team.
The resulting vertical conveyor system won the Energy Conservation Grand Prize in recognition of its excellent performance, and is now one of Company H’s core products.

Key Points

  1. ITO Corporation introduced partner companies and coordinated the product development team

  2. The developed product won the Energy Conservation Grand Prize and became one of Company H’s core products

Customer Comments

We encountered many obstacles during the joint development, but we all kept our eyes on the goal, taking on one problem at a time and working hard. This is what enabled us to develop this product.
We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with ITO Corporation, creating the products our customers need.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

In this product development project ITO Corporation not only provided mechanical part wholesaling (an essential function of a trading company), we also coordinated multiple development partners and we were in charge of proposing and producing the product. We use our network of diverse mechanical parts providers to introduce new product development partners and assist in development.

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