Replacing pneumatic devices realizes a cost reduction of 34%
A proposal of high-quality and low-cost overseas products

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The Current Status

Machine manufacturer A was in severe competition with low-cost overseas manufacturers, such as those in Taiwan and Korea. It was urgent for them to reduce the cost of purchasing components to develop high-quality and low-cost products. The company set the objective of cost reduction, and it was necessary to consider, in addition to Japanese products, overseas products. They thus looked for high-quality and low-cost overseas products.

Key Points

1. Reduction of purchase cost was crucial to compete pricewise with overseas manufacturers.

2. Purchase of overseas high-quality and low-cost components was considered.

Our Proposal

Cost reduction can be achieved by replacing pneumatic devices with AirTAC devices, which are compatible with those made by major Japanese manufacturers.

♦ No need to change the design for replacement!

Since AirTAC devices are compatible with those of major Japanese manufacturers, they can be installed without changing the design of their mounting places. Installation can be further assured by trying a sample device on a customer's facility.

♦ High quality and low cost is offered

AirTAC manufactures more than 90% of components and finished products in-house and carries out a severe quality control to offer high-quality products to customers. They have also improved the efficiency of development and manufacturing by narrowing their product lines, which has made it possible to offer their product at low prices.

Solution Benefits

AirTAC devices were initially introduced to their own facilities and proved to be as good as regular ones. They then decided to use AirTAC devices in their new products, and could reduce the cost of purchasing pneumatic devices for the products by 34%.

Key Points

1. Cost reduction of 34% was achieved.

2. Testing a sample assured the device quality, leading to its introduction with confidence.

Customer Comments

Although we were initially anxious about using overseas devices, testing a sample in our facility made us feel safe to introduce the device. In addition, the joints of the regular device of a major manufacturer had a problem of tubes coming off. On AirTAC devices, tubes are tightly fixed and cannot be removed easily. It was one of the key points of our decision. We could also easily achieved the objective of out cost reduction and are very grateful for AirTAC devices greatly contributing to purchase cost reduction for our new products. We are now planning to replace pneumatic devices of our facilities with AirTAC devices.

Solutions Available from ITO Corporation

In addition to AirTAC pneumatic devices, we can also offer machine products, hydraulic devices and electric devices, and can propose products suitable for the characteristics and conditions of each customer's machines and facilities. We welcome any inquiry and consultation from customers.

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