Efficiency of the production line improved by 20%
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The Current Status

Machine part manufacturer AISIN could not make enough Improvement Activities because of 3 major problems;
Production Supervisors were spending (wasting!) their time mostly on documentation processes with:
 ・Archiving of daily production records
 ・Collecting line records and new form printing
 ・Production data entry
 ・Updating and follow-up of production control panels
 ・Shift adjustments and knowledge transfer
 ・Other documentation tasks
Production Supervisors were spending (wasting!) significant time on problem analysis activities with:
 ・Analysis of repairs in line
 ・Daily scrap unit counting
 ・Adjustments & short term stoppage records and actions taken
 ・Not Good product analysis
 ・Daily Not Good unit counting and tracking
 ・New project studies
 ・Daily morning meetings
*KAIZEN activities to improve production results was very limited. Time for planning & coordinating

Our Proposal

MOM/MES solutions lead to data collection, visualization and improvement at manufacturing sites!

・Establishing a turnkey real- time IIoT Based MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) system to plan, track, analyze, design and manage manufacturing activities automatically.
・Integration with ERP to receive, prepare and send production orders to plant.
・IIoT based real-time production data acquisition from machinery, (directly from the machinery or using IoT based devices) to trace production amount, speed, performance and stoppages.
・Automatically analyzing production results and escalated warning system to warn responsible.
・Detailed fully customized analyzing & reporting tools for specific researches.
・Usage trainings and consultancy to make plan, trace, analyze and reports.

Project targets were:
◆50% time saving on problem analysis
◆50% time saving on documentation work.

Solution Benefits

・Analysis processes are accelerated by 42%
・84% time saving over documentation work.
・The time can be reserved for production management increased by 268%

As result; production data analysis & grasping related KAIZEN points became faster. Many KAIZEN projects have been applied;

・Efficiency of the production line has been improved by 20%
・Net cycle times have been improved by 10%
・The problems that occurred due to lack of knowledge, started to identify immediately and solve easily

Documentation Improvements.png

Analysis Processes Improvements.png

Customer Comments

By combining ProManage system and our company's production System, we started to grasp KAIZEN points and analyze production data faster.

We have improved the efficiency of the production line as 20% via KAIZEN and also enabled us keep follow the processes all the time. As the result of instant following, we actualized 10% improvement in net cycle.
Thanks to experties of ProManage, we are able to solve the problems that occurred due to lack of knowledge.
it is a flexible system that can be easily improved according to our needs and new customized software can be added smooothly.

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