We at ITO Corporation established a mission statement in April, 2015 and are committed to ensuring that our employees have a sense of values that complies with our value statement.

In order to be a company that continues to earn society's trust, we are working on both the creation of compliance systems and ensuring that each and every one of our employees is mindful of compliance.

Efforts to formulate compliance systems

We established a compliance code of conduct in April, 2015.
The code helps fulfill the company's social responsibilities in terms of compliance and corporate ethics, and it defines in detail how each and every employee is to act regarding daily duties and activities in order to earn the trust of stakeholders. In addition to efforts to make the contents of this code known to all employees through training, each and every employee is required to make an oath that they will comply with the code of conduct.

Compliance Structure

Under the direction and supervision of our representative director, the corporate division has become the supervising department responsible for ensuring compliance awareness, the development and strengthening of compliance programs, and other compliance-related projects.

In addition, a compliance committee chaired by the representative director has been established in order to discuss various issues concerning compliance within the company.

Internal reporting system improvements

At ITO Corporation, we have set up an internal reporting desk that accepts reports and consultations concerning compliance. In addition to this, we have established internal reporting regulations that ensure that individuals who consult with or report to the internal reporting desk are not subjected to penalties.