Founded with the goal of rebuilding Japan

Founder Noboru Ito

ITO Corporation's founder, Noboru Ito, established "Ito Shokai" as a sole proprietorship in 1946. In the rundown and war-damaged Tokyo, he began with the handling of motors, switches, and clutches. There were few operating factories at that time, however, and work was a series of uphill struggles.

Demand was low resulting from the state of the Japanese economy and the reconstruction efforts not reaching their potential, so initial sales did not meet his expectations. By not giving up, however, Ito finally saw sales get on track as a result of improvements in the quality of the cyclodial speed reducers, overlapping with the revival of the Japanese economy. Using this opportunity, Ito founded the current ITO Corporation in 1953.

Shintaro Sato of Shikoku Kikai Kougyou (Now Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.) recommended to Ito that he begin handling cyclodial speed reducers. Ito, believing in the potential of the cyclodial drive, put all of his efforts behind its sales.

The continued faith in people and products helped lead to the growth of ITO Corporation. With this in mind, the founder proclaimed the spirit of the company to be the Japanese philosophy of "Wa" (harmony). To this day we have upheld the belief that a company must put its customers, suppliers, and employees above all else.

Thanks to the continued support of all of these people, ITO Corporation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013. In the Japanese traditional philosophy of rebirth at the age of 60, we have taken this milestone to be the "second launch" of ITO Corporation. By continuing to innovate and create new opportunities, we strive to create even greater contributions for our clients.


1946 Sole proprietorship established
1953 ITO Corporation established
Capital: ¥500,000
Headquarters built in Makicho, near the center of Tokyo
1956 Relocated headquarters to Kyobashi, Tokyo
1958 Established local Nagoya office (now the "Chubu Branch")
Increased capital to ¥1,000,000
1960 Increased capital to ¥3,000,000
1961 Established local Osaka office
1962 Increased capital to ¥9,000,000
1964 Relocated headquarters to the Yamagata Ginko Bldg. in Kyobashi, Tokyo
1966 Established local Hiroshima office
1968 Increased capital to ¥20,000,000
1973 Increased capital to ¥30,000,000
1979 Established Tsurumi office & local Kanazawa office (now the "Hokuriku Branch")
1981 Established local Nanshin office (now the "Nagano Branch") in Nagano
1983 Increased capital to ¥50,000,000
Jun Ito inaugurated as President
1986 Increased capital to ¥65,000,000
Established Nissho Sangyo Co., Ltd. (an affiliate company)
Takashi Ito inaugurated as President
1990 Increased capital to ¥70,000,000
Established Tokyo branch in Saitama
1994 Established local Kyushu office
2003 Consolidated the Tokyo branch office into the Head Office
2005 Established Shanghai Representative Office
2006 Established ITO (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
2009 Eiji Arai inaugurated as President
2012 Hiroshi Ito inaugurated as Executive Vice President
2013 Relocated headquarters to the Kanematsu Bldg. in Kyobashi, Tokyo 60th Anniversary
2014 Established ITO (THAILAND) LTD. in Bangkok
Ayumi Furui inaugurated as Non-executive Director
Establishment of Marketing Office
Establishment of Sales Operations Department
2015 Establishment of Solution Promotion Office
2017 Established ITO (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch
2018 Yoshiaki Iwaki inaugurated as Director
2019 Hiroshi Ito inaugurated as CEO