Basic Principle
ITO Corporation (Abbreviated: ITO) works to ensure that all content is reliable, safe, and useful for all visitors when operating its website (, hereafter referred to as "ITO website").

To that end, ITO has established the following content policy (hereafter the "Policy").
Content Planning and Material on the Site
ITO conducts sufficient verification of all content planning and material provided on the site.
If there is an error or other problem with the content, please contact us.
Functionality Defects in Content
ITO fixes bugs found in the functionality of all content, but errors may occur in certain environments.
If there is a functionality defect or other problem, please contact us
Intellectual Property
ITO or a third party owns the copyright to all text, illustrations, logos, photographs, video footage, software, and all other information on the ITO website.
With the exception of cases in which personal use is allowed by copyright law, it cannot be used without permission for reprinting, reproduction, broadcasting, public transmission, translation, sales, rental, etc.
If there is a copyright holder other than ITO, permission from that copyright holder is also required.
ITO will comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning the personal information we hold and review efforts related to the points above as necessary to make improvements.
Policy Changes
ITO may make changes to the site Policy without advance notice. Please note that in this case, the updated site policy will take effect.
ITO will make its best effort in providing information through the ITO website but offers no guarantee of consistency, effectiveness, safety, etc. for any content.
ITO will not be held responsible for any damages that result from content on the ITO website.
Questions About the Content Policy
If you have any opinions or questions regarding content on the ITO website, please use the contact form to communicate with us.