ITO supports companies with 4 business activities

ITO Corporation provides a wide breadth of solutions to fit customer needs, from mechanical products like various motors & processing machinery, to systems that optimize the production line.

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01. Wind Power Generators

Reduction gears, drive components, and converters used to create DC power

02. Dams

Hydraulic cylinders used in regulating a dam's water levels

03. Tunnels

Reduction gears & motors used for tunneling

04. Water Processors

Reduction gears, etc. for rotating purification tanks

05. Air Conditioning Systems

Actuators for fans used in a building's air conditioning system

06. Elevators

Winches, brakes, etc. used in moving and stopping

07. Factory Equipment anchors

Drive equipment & machinery used in conveyors, machine tools, clean rooms, etc.

08. Cranes

Reduction gears, motors,inverters, etc. used inside of construction cranes

09. Railway Switches

Electromagnetic brakes and devices used to diverge railways

10. Mobile Phones

Vibrator parts used to shake mobile phones

11. Solar Power Generators

Power conditioners & batteries used to convert power into AC voltage

12. Automated Parking Garages

Drive equipment & machinery used in conveyors, machine tools, clean rooms, etc.

13. Construction Equipment

Hydraulic motors, hydraulic hoses, reduction gears, etc.

14. Forklift Trucks

Brakes, hydraulic motors, reduction gears, etc.

15. Recreational Facilities

Various drive equipment used in recreational facilities

16. Thrusters

Motor parts for ship thrusters

17. Capstans

Hydraulic motors used in the capstans to hoist anchors

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