Let's be Pasitive!


The Idea Behind "Let's be Pasitive!"

Passitive is a word we coined at ITO Corporation from the English words "passion" and "positive." As we work, passitivity is a key idea we want to keep close to heart.

We believe that work approached with passitivity opens up unlimited fields and opportunities beyond imagination.

Owing to this passitivity, in 2013 we welcomed our 60th anniversary as a trading company specializing in industrial machinery and moveable components. We celebrated our long history of contributions to areas including production automation, public infrastructure, and environmental improvement (sanitation & energy reduction). Moving forward, we will expand into new areas to seek further progress and actively undertake new ventures targeting international markets.

ITO Corporation offers you the opportunity to think and act for yourself to build a business with your own hands. We will also back you and your passitivity 100%.

Passitivity can be hidden inside, and it can also exude outward. We sincerely hope to welcome you and your passitivity into our family.

Let's be Pasitive! — ITO Corporation