Is a humanities degree acceptable?

We generally handle moving machinery including industrial robots, but a degree in the sciences is not required. Presently, 80% of our sales team members have degrees in the humanities. This typically concerns everyone at first, but solid, manufacturer-sponsored training is available. As long as you have a strong desire to succeed, there should be no problems. The ability to connect customers with suppliers is more important than technical knowledge when it comes to doing sales for a trading company.

What kind of training is available?

A variety of training programs have been prepared for new hires. We provide business etiquette training to teach the basics of being a working adult, in-house sales training & study groups, manufacturer-sponsored training, and factory visits. We also provide overseas training for all new graduates during their 2nd year with the company. Of course, a senior employee will also be assigned to you to provide on-the-job training. For a complete picture of the training process, please refer to the Employee Training corner of this site.

What is the corporate culture like?

Briefly stated, we have a free corporate culture that incorporates both the new and the old. Although our company has over 60 years of history, we consider our diversity to be very important and believe there is meaning in the different opinions and impressions born of this diversification.
Looking over our company, you can see young new graduates and hard working employees in their 60's, who everyone relies on for their expertise. While we value the age-old concept of "harmony," we also embrace change and push ourselves to try new things. This is our corporate culture.

Is it easy to take days off?

There are several ways to take days off. You can use paid vacation for a full or half day (morning/afternoon), and use flextime to come to work late or leave early. Starting last year, we introduced flextime to allow for a more flexible work environment, and it has been used by many of our employees. Of course, we also promote the use of paid leave to provide a work environment were employees can achieve a good work-life balance.

Is there overtime?

Our company strictly discourages overtime. Using flextime, we encourage each department supervisor to manage their employees so that they do not exceed their fixed monthly working hours (this varies by department).

Although differences in office hours and seasonal influences (such as peak or off seasons) can affect a work schedule, we encourage our employees to improve their time management skills while controlling their workload.

Are foreign language skills required? Is language education provided?

When you enter the company, foreign language skills are not required. However, our company has overseas locations and our customers and suppliers are expanding overseas. Therefore, in order for our business to expand into new regions, foreign language skills will grow in importance. To support the foreign language education of our employees, we have corporate contracts with an online English conversation program (Bizmates) and an English conversation school (Berlitz). Employees can receive a high quality foreign language education with little personal expense.
We want our ambitious employees to use these services.

Are any qualifications needed before joining the company?

We do not require you to have any qualifications, so please challenge yourself with some of the activities you can only do while you are still a student.

Are there relocations?

Our company has locations throughout Japan and overseas, so it is possible to relocate. Additionally, we have a system in which you discuss your future career path with your superior or executives each year. Here you can clearly state desires such as "I want to try working overseas," "I want to gain experience in a different region," or "I want to push myself more by trying a new job in a different department."