Using my spirit of hospitality, I want to be a bridge for customers and company projects. Joined Mid-Career in 2005, Hokuriku Office, Sales Operations Department, Mrs. Yosano - Level of Dependability: 97%

While going back and forth between the Hokuriku Office and the Tokyo Head Office,
Mrs. Yosano participates in important company projects.
She works in the Sales Operations Department, where she is extremely active.
Even while raising a child, she continues to pursue new challenges.
We asked about her accomplishments so far and the work she is most passionately engaged in at the moment.

We don't do "back office" work, which means we work on the same level as the sales staff

I've always liked working in customer service. I previously worked at a hotel where the spirit of hospitality was drilled into me. I found ITO Corporation while looking for a job where I could use my hospitality training. I had no experience in trading companies, but when I learned that the job was to support sales activities, I thought that I could use my experience to serve as a bridge between the sales staff and customers.

The Sales Operations Department that I belong to provides blanket support to the sales staff's activities. We handle diverse tasks such as receiving and making product orders, managing paperwork, producing cost estimates, procuring products, and negotiating with suppliers and customers.

These tasks are not simply "back office work." Although the sales staff work at the front office, it's the Sales Operations Department that handles the details for all of the parties involved. There are no hierarchical relationships for such tasks, and both the front and back offices are important for the company. We're not only doing the paperwork required to complete the job, we also see things on the same level as the sales staff. Ultimately, we are very determined to build relationships with customers.

I want to improve the company together with all employees

ITO Corporation's Sales Operations Department was established in 2014. Sales support members who previously were in different departments came together to form one big team in this new department. The purpose of this department was to unify sales operations that were being done differently by each department, and to streamline our sales system across the board. Within this department, I am currently a sales office group leader.

Ever since this new department was established, everyone had a strong desire to make the company better. While I previously wasn't the type to assert myself and come forward, I'm now more direct and communicative. I think it's because I can now see how things are going in the other departments and see how other staff members are working, enabling me to talk to them with ease.

Moving forward, we aim to further improve operations by discussing things we think could be improved in our work. I want all of us to share ideas for resolving problems and inefficiencies. Besides streamlining operations, we also want to make other improvements, such as coordinating with overseas offices and having specialized teams.

Core project member with heavy responsibilities and strong motivation

To revamp its structure and operations, ITO Corporation has started various projects these past two or three years. In my case, I'm a member of the project team to revamp the company's core system. It is an important, year-long project with 20 members.

The revamping of the core system gives us the chance to reform the company's workflows based on our experience in actual operations. We can dynamically change key workflows such as sales and purchasing or finance and accounting. We have worked together to come up with ideas on how to streamline workflows, starting with improving the layout of business forms. We have also thought about how to effectively link with external systems, and we have created management account ledgers and other improvements. The hard part is over now that we have finally identified the majority of our basic requirements.

I joined the project right after my maternity leave, so I thought the job was quite daunting at first. However, when I thought about how the success or failure of this project would affect the company's future, I felt the heavy responsibility of my job as well as a strong sense of purpose.

Right now, I really believe that change can be fun! You need courage to venture into the unknown and you may feel anxiety at first. However, when you take that first step, you get to see another world for the first time. While having fun with change, I want to improve the company by leaps and bound together with all our members.

Q&A with a Senior Employee!

What was your most memorable or impressive experience at work?
It was probably when I worked together with many people as we put our heads together to resolve problems. For example, to meet product delivery dates, we went around not only within the company, but also to the supplier and factory to ensure the timely delivery of the product. I felt a great sense of accomplishment.
As a working mother, do you find ITO Corporation an easy company to work for?
I think it's really easy to work here. They have a good system for working mothers and the employees are very understanding. I'm very thankful. Compared to before having a child, my working hours have been significantly curtailed. However, I want to do my utmost within those working hours to benefit the company.
How do you manage to work full-time while raising a family?
I adopt various strategies in my household chores and child raising. I do whatever I can to make things more efficient. I don't ever want to sacrifice the time I spend with my family, so I apply my streamlining to everything else except that (haha). My husband and I are doing our best!

A day in the life

  • 06:30
    Wake Up

    Wake up with my 18-month-old son.

  • 08:30
    Nursery School & Commute

    After taking my son to day care, I switch gears for work!
    After checking email, I check materials for a meeting.

  • 10:00

    Our project meeting starts. I'm currently involved in a year-long project to incorporate a new core system. Using Skype for online conferencing is a daily routine! This helps make the distance between Tokyo and Kanazawa feel shorter.

  • 12:00

    At a nearby restaurant! Talking with a Hokuriku colleague over lunch is a good break.

  • 13:00
    Checked Orders and Deliveries

    I checked the order sheet and sent it to the supplier.
    Arranged to have the product delivered as the customer requested.

  • 15:00
    Checked Paperwork

    Checked invoices from suppliers and issued delivery statements for customers.

  • 17:30
    Working Time Ends!

    Picked up my son!
    Switched gears from work to family!

  • 19:00
    Household Chores

    Made dinner, did the laundry, cleaned house, bathed my son, put him to bed, etc.
    No matter how busy I am with housework, I always make time for my son!

  • 23:00

    My energy for the day is totally exhausted. Good night!

Employee Interview

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