The Road to Growth

ITO Corporation offers ambitious employees opportunities to develop skills regardless of age or tenure, based on the notion of equal opportunity. When undertaking some kind of challenge, we believe that the effort is an act worthy of applause even if things do not work out. Failure is evidence that you have tried. It is our sincere wish that our employees take away numerous lessons from the challenges they work on.
ITO Corporation is brimming with opportunities. It is up to you whether or not to capitalize on them. Moving forward, we will continue to offer support throughout the entire organization so you can travel down the path you want to go.

What Kind Of Career
Do You Want Moving Forward?

We have a system in place where employees can declare to the company executives once a year the kind of career they want. An example response might include: being stationed overseas, testing your abilities in outlying cities, brushing up on technical skills, or preparing for upcoming life events. We think about staffing and providing opportunities as we merge the company vision together with what can be done to deliver to each employee the careers and life they have imagined for themselves.